COG Flag - MP Mode

MP Mode Flags Table

Hex Dec UI Option Purpose
[[#0x1|0x1]]1Teamplay.MP game uses teams.
0x22Teamplay.MP game does not allow friendly-fire damage.
[[#0x4|0x4]]4N/AMP game does not update a player's or team's overall score.
0x88Time limit.MP game uses a time limit.
0x1016Score limit.MP game uses a score limit.
[[#0x20|0x20]]32N/AMP game does not allow MP models.
0x80128Single level only.MP game will use a single level only.
0x100256Teamplay.MP game assigns players a team which they can change.

MP Mode Flags Description

Multiplayer Mode Flags control the multiplayer functions of a game. These flags are heavily relied on by the CTF system and may have been created just for CTF gameplay. Some of these mode flags have limitations such as having to be set on startup or not being changeable at all. But if not mentioned otherwise, you can set and clear the flag ingame.

Verbs Used: ClearMultiModeFlags GetMultiModeFlags SetMultiModeFlags


The 0x1 flag shows that the game is using teamplay. The teamplay flag cannot be set or cleared by Cog with any effect because the teamplay decision is made before startup.


When this flag is set, the engine will not update a player's or team's score. The kills, self kills, and deaths totals will be updated, but the overall scores will remain unchanged. When the flag is cleared, the engine will again update the player's and team's scores the next time the scores are refreshed.


When the 0x20 flag is set, the engine will not use the models that the players chose for their MP characters. Instead, it will use the players' SP model, ky.3do. This flag must be set on startup (before the players are given a model) to be effective.

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