COG Flag - Physics

Physics Flags Table

Hex Purpose
0x1Object is affected by gravity.
[[#0x2|0x2]]Object accepts thrust movement.
0x4Unknown. Used with players, actors, and grenades.
0x8Unknown. Used with players, actors, and sequencers.
[[#0x10|0x10]]Object will align itself with the floor surface it's attached to.
[[#0x20|0x20]]Object will bounce off of surfaces when it's moving.
0x40Object attaches to floor surfaces that it stands on.
0x80Object attaches to all level surfaces and floor surfaces that it stands on.
[[#0x100|0x100]]Object is attached to a surface / not attaching to a new surface.
0x200Unknown, but commonly used.
[[#0x800|0x800]]Object will not be affected by gravity while attached to a wall surface.
0x1000Things rotational velocity limited by maxrotvel listed in its template
0x2000Object can fly.
0x4000Object will be affected by explosion forces while attached to a surface.
[[#0x8000|0x8000]]Object is being moved by a force.
0x10000Object is crouching.
0x40000Object is less affected by gravity.
0x100000Object is at the surface of a water sector.
[[#0x200000|0x200000]]Unknown. Cleared while the thing is attached to a surface.
0x400000Object is not affected by sector thrust.

Physics Flags Description

Physics Flags are mainly used to control how things respond in the engine's virtual physics system. The physflags template setting can be used in any thing's template so long as it uses physics movement. A few Physics Flags are used ingame to show that a physical condition has been met.

There are a lot of unknown flags in this section, because for a Physics Flag's effect is almost like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Verbs Used: ClearPhysicsFlags GetPhysicsFlags SetPhysicsFlags


A thrust is a type of movement for objects. It represents a constant force that is applied to an object. This is how the player moves ingame. Without the 0x2 flag, an object will not accept this type of movement, and Cog verbs such as SetThingThrust() will have no effect.


This flag will make an object align itself perpendicularly with the surface that it's attached to. This can be seen in the attachment of sequencer charges in that they always lie flat on a surface. This flag is also given to creatures' bodies when they die so that they will lie prone on the surface they fall on.


An object cannot bounce off of a surface that it's attached to.


This Physics Flag is most likely used in some way be the engine. It is cleared for a very short time when a thing with the 0x40 or 0x80 flag attaches to a surface. It is then set again when the object is attached.


Even if you disable the 0x1 flag for a thing, it will still slide downwards on wall surfaces as if to simulate gravity. Clearing this flag will allow things to attach to wall surfaces the same way that they attach to floor surfaces. Using this flag with 0x90 and giving it to a player will allow that player to walk on wall surfaces.


When a force affects an object, this flag is set for the force's duration. When the object attaches to a surface, the flag will be cleared.


This Physics Flag is used only by creatures when they are crouching. Giving this flag to a creature will force him to crouch.


It is unknown what this flag is for, but it is cleared while the object is attached to a surface.

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