COG Flag - Sub Mode

Sub Mode Flags Table

Hex Dec Purpose
[[#0x1|0x1]]1Level is not reset when the player dies.
[[#0x8|0x8]]8Freezes the game.

Sub Mode Flags Description

Sub Mode Flags are strange in that their name suggests nothing about what they're for. They're known to exist because they have verbs to clear, get, and set them. But it seems that these flags are not to be used by Cog. These flags pertain more to the engine than special effects.

Verbs Used: ClearSubModeFlags GetSubModeFlags SetSubModeFlags


The 0x1 flag is set by JK for multiplayer games. When the player dies while this flag is set, the level will not be reset as it is in normal SP games. Everything will be where it was and in the same state that it was when the player died. Clearing this flag in an MP game and killing the player will crash the game.


This probably isn't the purpose of the flag, but this is its only effect.

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