Episode.jk is the equivalent of the DF files jedi.lvl and cutscene.lst. It contains a list of the levels and cutscenes to be played.

Episode.jk is located in the root directory of the episode GOB, eg. jk1\episode.jk It is a simple text file, which is parsed by Jedi Knight.

# acts as a comment delimiter in the episode.jk, like many other Jedi Knight formats.


A Typical Episode.jk

 "The Force Within"

 # Title must be first line.  A translated version is looked up in jkStrings.uni
 # Please use TABs for alignment!

 TYPE  1  # single-player

 SEQ   55

 # lightpow and darkpow are the inventory bin numbers for that power.
 # line   cd    level    type     file              lightpow    darkpow     gotoA gotoB

 10:      1     1        CUT      03-04a.smk        0           0           11    -1
 11:      1     1        LEVEL    01narshadda.jkl   0           0           12    -1    # Level 1: Narshadda
 12:      1     1        CUT      06a.smk           0           0           20    -1

 . . .



The first line is the name of the episode. It appears in various screens, including the savegame screen.

TYPE defines the type of episode. Type 1 is single-player, Type 2 is Jedi Training, and Type 8 is Capture the Flag.

SEQ defines the number of cutscenes/levels listed in the file. This number needs to be equal to the number listed or problems will occur.

Cutscene/Level Definition

* Line number labels the cutscene or level definition. Each definition should have a unique line
* A cutscene with line number 10 will be played as soon as a new game is started.
* CD identifies which CD the level or cutscene is on (either 1 or 2).
* Type determines the type of sequence being listed, CUT for a cutscene, or LEVEL for a level.
* File is the name of the cutscene or level's file.
* Lightpow and Darkpow identify the powers that you will recieve upon successful completion of
  the level. See list below
* gotoA and gotoB refer to the next line to go to after the current level or cutscene has
  finished. gotoB is used when there is more than one option - for example, when you have made
  the decision to join either the Light side or the Dark side. Otherwise, it's value is -1. 
Number	Force Power   Alignment
21	Jump          Neutral
22	Speed         Neutral
23	Seeing        Neutral
24	Pull          Neutral
25	Healing       Light
26	Persuasion    Light
27	Lightning     Dark
28	Absorb        Light
30	Throw         Dark
31	Grip          Dark
32	Blinding      Light
33	Destruction   Dark


Jedi Knight Specs v.4 (Code Alliance)

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