A snd file associates a set of wav files with particular events, so that the wav sound is played when the event occurs. A snd file is used by placing a snd=filename.snd param in a thing's template and placing the snd file in the misc/snd folder.


Multiple lines, with each line using the following structure:

class   filename   playflags   minRadius   maxRadius   maxVolume
  • class = (text) the event that causes sound to play
  • filename = (wav file) the sound that is played
  • playflags = (integer) various flags describing how to play sound
  • minRadius = (flex) minimum distance from the thing where sound is audible
  • maxRadius = (flex) maximum distance from the thing where sound is audible
  • maxVolume = (flex, 0.0 to 1.0, optional) maximum volume of sound
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