Sectors are convex polyhedrons that define a negative-space region. Sectors are the primary structures in levels and represent an area where things can exist. Each face of a sector is called a surface. Sectors are connected together by adjoins.

Sector Properties

Sectors can have several properties specifying particular behavior.

  • Ambient Light - Lighting value that is added to things within the sector.
  • Extra Light - Lighting value that is added to all of the surfaces of the sector.
  • Colormap - The 8-bit palette that is applied to 8-bit textures while the camera is inside the sector. Software mode only
  • Tint - The multiplicative RGB color effect that is applied while the camera is inside the sector.
  • Boundbox - Affects physics. Unknown.
  • Collidebox - Affects physics. Unknown.
  • Center - Mathematical center of the sector.
  • Radius - Affects physics. Unknown.
  • Sound - Ambient sound that is played when the camera is inside the sector.

Sector Flags

  • 0x0001 - Sector does not use the level's gravity.
  • 0x0002 - Sector is underwater.
  • 0x0004 - Sector sends messages to COGs.
  • 0x0008 - Sector applies thrust to things within it.
  • 0x0010 - Sector is not shown on in-game maps.
  • 0x0020 - Unknown
  • 0x0040 - Sector is a pit.
  • 0x0080 - Sector adjoins have been disabled by a COG.
  • 0x0100 - Unknown
  • 0x0200 - Unknown
  • 0x0400 - Unknown
  • 0x0800 - Unknown
  • 0x1000 - Sector uses Collidebox.
  • 0x2000 - Unknown
  • 0x4000 - Sector is shown on in-game maps.

COG Messages

The following COG messages can be sent by sectors to linked scripts:

  • Entered - Sent when a thing enters the sector.
  • Exited - Sent when a thing leaves the sector.
  • Create:
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