All of JK's audio files are 22050 Hz, 16-bit PCM, stereo or mono WAVs.

JK is capable of playing any valid Microsoft WAV encoded with a PCM format.

Bit-depths include 16-bit signed PCM and 8-bit unsigned PCM. Common sample rates are 8000, 11025, 22050, 44100.

There is no point in using any bit-depths or sample rates beyond 16-bit/44.1 KHz for listening purposes. Higher bit-depths and sample rates are meant almost exclusively for mastering purposes when aliasing becomes an issue. Furthermore, most consumer hardware can only play up to 16-bit/48 KHz audio, with some going up to 24-bit/96 KHz.

File Sizes

Since JK does not support any compressed audio formats, distribution of large WAVs can be an issue. One can reduce file size of a WAV by increasing its speed (by a factor of two, for example), and slowing it down in JK with ChangeSoundPitch. Note that although the file will be half of its original size, half of the definition will be lost. This may not be audible for slow music tracks, but other, short sounds will likely be impacted audibly.

Audio Editing

Audacity is a free and fairly powerful audio editor for multiple platforms. It is well suited for the simple audio editing authors often seek for their projects. Please note that some versions of Audacity may report some or all WAVs as being a 32-bit float format, even when they are not. 32-bit float is not supported by JK. This appears to be a bug only when viewing files, exporting to a specific format (such as 16-bit PCM) works fine.

For more information on audio editors, see digital audio editors at Wikipedia.

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