How To Make Basic 3D Holograms

This tutorial should teach you how to make a simple, one mesh, 3D hologram in Jedi Knight.

The first thing you should do is import the 3do that you want to be made into a hologram, I'm going to use dkey.3do that is already with Jedi Knight.


Now what you want to do is select the sector by pressing the SPACEBAR and then going into surface mode by pressing F.


Now, we want to go into the Property Editor, so press ENTER and then double click on the box labled "+FACE FLAGS" and set the properties in the box to this then click OK.


And the Property Editor should look like this after yor click on OK.


Now, go back into Sector Mode (S) and select the sector and then Export it as a 3do (File/Export Sector(s) as 3DO...) and save it into your project directory. (Name it whatever you like, I'm calling it holokey.3DO.)

Now, open up your level (I'm just using the default JED box to demonstrate, you use your own level to do it in) and go to JED's Quick&Dirty Template creator (Tools/Template Creator.)

This is what it would look like if you did it the same things that I did.


Click on Save and then reload the templates (Commands/Reload Templates) just in case.

Now place the newly created Thing somewhere in your level and then save it. Now, before you save it and test it, make sure you run the plugin called "Create JK Tree" to make sure that all your files are in the correct places. Now you can save the JKL and test.

This is what it should look like, If it doesn't, go back through the tutorial and try again.


Well, I hope that this tutorial helps you a little bit with editing and that it was helpful in teaching you it what it was meant to do, so until next time. Have fun editing.....;)

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