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This tutorial addresses some common problems with using IGZ for JK.

IGZ Says JK Is Not Installed or JK Is Not Launching Properly

This is due to missing or corrupt DirectPlay settings in the registry. To fix:

  1. Download the default settings reg file. It doesn't matter where you download it to; just be sure you know where you put it for the next steps.
  2. Open the downloaded reg file in Notepad.
  3. Change the "Path" and the '"CurrentDirectory" to the full folder path where JK is installed. Be sure to use the short form (e.g. Progra~1 instead of Program Files) for the folder names and double-backslashes \\ when separating folder names. You can use dir /x in a Command Prompt window to check for the short names for each folder.
  4. Save the file and close Notepad.
  5. Double-click on the reg file to install the settings in the Registry.
  6. Verify that you can launch via IGZ.
  7. If IGZ can launch JK, then delete the reg file.
  8. If it can't, you need to go back to step 2.

JK Can't Find a Hosted Game

Ports need to be opened or forwarded. To fix, follow the tutorial about opening ports.

Other Players Can't Join Your Hosted Game

Ports need to be opened or forwarded. To fix, follow the tutorial about opening ports.

JK Is Not Showing All Players Correctly in Internet Game

One or more players are showing up as default Kyle, never move, and are unkillable. This is the primary symptom of not opening the needed ports for multiplayer. If the "never moving and unkillable" player joined before you, then it is his ports that are closed. If the player joined after you, then it is your ports that need opening. To fix, follow the tutorial about opening ports.

JK Is Not Using Your Mods

JK needs to know where you have placed your mods that can be different each time you open JK. JK handles this by allowing the -path command line parameter. IGZ only knows about command line parameters for JK via the DirectPlay registry setting, "CommandLine".

Using Mods Manually

  1. Starting with the same reg file from the "JK Does Not Launch" section, either use the modified file from that section, or delete the "File", "CommandLine", and "Path" lines from the file. The reg file when installed will overwrite any entries.
  2. Add to the end of the "CommandLine" value, -path Mod where Mod is a folder within the JK folder where you will put any active mods. For example, the edited line would look like this:
    "CommandLine"=" -devmode -displayconfig -windowgui -path Mod"
  3. When you want to play a mod, copy the gob file to the Mod folder before opening or launching JK. When you are done playing with the mod (after exiting JK), delete the gob file from the Mod folder.

Using Mods via JKLauncher

JKLauncher includes a graphical interface for handling mods, so you don't have to manually move files around or change registry settings.

One-time Setup

  1. Open JKLauncher.
  2. Select Setup > Game Options menu item.
  3. Select Jedi Knight in the left panel.
  4. Change the Game EXE option to show the correct exe file for JK.
  5. Select Mods (under Addons) in the left panel.
  6. Click on Add Mods button to select gobs that you want JKLauncher to handle.

Selecting a Mod Before a Game

  1. Open JKLauncher.
  2. Right-click on JKLauncher's tray icon and select Activate Mods.
  3. Select Jedi Knight option.
  4. Checkmark the mods you want active for the game.
  5. Click the OK button, which will close the window and activate the mods you selected.

IGZ Crashes After Exiting a Hosted Game

This is a problem that occurs for everyone; it is a bug with IGZ. To avoid it, try pressing Alt-F4 to exit JK instead of the normal way. (Alt-F4 is a Windows shortcut for closing a program.) NOTE: Closing JK with Alt-F4 will likely lose any changes you made to JK settings while JK was open.

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