These instructions for JKLauncher are obsolete as of January 2008.

Check Requirements

Verify that you have the following installed:

  • JK or MotS (Not technically required, but probably not very useful without one of them.)
  • .NET Framework 2.0 (You can try to run JKLauncher, and if this is not installed, Windows should tell you. This might take awhile to install, but it is used by many other programs. It provides most of the interface features.)
  • Visual Basic 6 Run-Time Pack (Only 1 MB, and should take almost no time to install. It provides a way for JKLauncher to launch JK via old DirectPlay lobbying.)

Install JKLauncher

  1. Unzip all included files to a convenient folder, such as a JKLauncher folder in Program Files or LucasArts folder.

Run JKLauncher

  1. Run JKLauncher.exe. (JKLauncher will place an icon in the system tray, and open the main window.)
  2. Close JKLauncher by either right-clicking the tray icon and selecting Close (Minimize to Tray), or by clicking on the X button in the top-right corner of the main window. (Closing will only close the main window; JKLauncher will still be running and showing its icon in the system tray.)
  3. Exit JKLauncher by right-clicking its tray icon and selecting Exit. (This will stop all JKLauncher tasks, close all its windows, and remove its tray icon.)

Use the Game Features

  • Use the Game Listers window ("Setup > Game Listers" menu item) to insert IP addresses or game lister web pages. (At the time of this release, JKHub.net has a game lister web page at: http://www.jkhub.net/gaming/lister.php )
  • Use the "Quick Insert" button and the text box beside it to quickly insert an IP address or game lister web page. This will start polling of game listers.
  • Use the "Start Polling" and "Stop Polling" buttons to start and stop the polling of game listers, respectively.
  • Select a game then click on "Join Game" button to join that game. Select mods.
  • Host a game by clicking on "Host Game" button. Select Single Player or Multiplayer. Select mods and select game lister web pages you want to update (so that others using JKLauncher can see your game listed).

Use the Chat Features

  • The chat room stuff in the bottom pane has very limited functionality. It will allow logging in and out of multiple servers, allows joining chat rooms, and using private messages.
  • Setup a chat (IRC) account in the bottom pane, changing the given example. NOTE: There are no / (slash) commands, as is found in the popular mIRC program. Only raw IRC commands can be given in the server tab, and everything entered in the input box of a chat room or private message window will be sent as a message.
  • To join a chat room, enter in the server tab input box: join #chatroomname
  • To start private messaging to a particular person (nickname), enter in the server tab input box: privmsg nickname message NOTE: Sending a private message will not open another tab unless the recipient sends a message back.
  • Right-click on the tabs to see the few options available for logging out or closing a chat room or private message tab.

Troubleshoot the Game Features

  • Verify that the necessary network ports are correctly opened by running jk.exe outside of JKLauncher. Try joining someone else's game on the Internet by entering the host's IP address at the appropriate prompt in JK. Also, try hosting a game and having someone else on the Internet join it.
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