Mass Convert MP3 to wav

Many Level Editors enjoy making custom sounds.

A great link to get them is:

This webpage has a huge database of great sound effects, one need only type in the keywords to find a listing. These files are, for the most part, are in .MP3 format. JK loves .WAV format instead however.

Instead of downloading tons of mp3-to-wav converters, it turns out that many of us already have one, that we never knew about. WinAMP.

WinAMP has the built-in ability to convert mp3-to-wav formats ( simply by outputting the sound to a file, rather than through your speakers ) [ credit: MaZZt ]

Not only that, but I just found out the other day, by experimenting, that it can also do mass-batch conversion automatically ( simply by selecting a directory folder, rather than just a file name to output ).

The steps

1) Open WinAMP ( Im using version 2.76 ; old computer, for this example ).

2) In the bottom-left corner, click ADD ( menu will open ), select DIR ( directory ) Navigate to the directory folder where you have your .mp3s that you wish to convert to .wav format. ( it should display all your mp3 in the main window as a list )

3) In the top-left corner, click the button to open the File Menu; Options ... Preferences...Find PLUGINS....OUTPUT (the right window pane will list what options for output you have [ My lists is 4: one of which is 'wav output' (speakers), another is 'disk writer' (converts current format to .wav); you can then click 'disk writer' (and 'config' button to tell winamp where to dump all the converted files at); click Close from that menu

4) double-click on the first file (as if u were going to play first file in list);

5) Now sit and watch, as it goes down thru the list, but instead of playing the sound file and you hearing it, it simply converts the file, dumping it to the folder; and comes back to winamp and goes to next sound file in list *repeats*

It does all of this automatically. It will go down thru entire list in directory folder you selected. You wont hear a thing. When it reaches last file in list, open the dump folder you selected to find all the newly created .WAV files.

When you are done, remember to go back to: FILE, Options, Preferences, Plugins, Output ...and change it from 'disk writer' back to 'wav output'. (so it can act as a sound player again, and u can hear through your speakers).


Hope this helps some of you out there ( akward as this was to write =P )


" And may all your new sounds be impressive ones. "

JK levels will never be the same.

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