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Hoth Stuff Custom 3DOs BSR 376 18-May-2008 Model
Decorr Pack 1 Level Decorr items Lord_Ruthven/Aeryn 262 13-Apr-2008 Model
Line/Plane and Line/Sphere intersection To put it up as a cog Descent_pilot 339 22-Jan-2006 Script
sting_guitar To Rock Out! The-Sting 233 05-Dec-2005 Model
slide_mat.cog Quick conveyor cog zagibu 493 30-Oct-2005 Script
Sit Add chairs you can sit down in to your levels. (SP/MP) SM Sith Lord 618 01-Oct-2005 Script
Laser Switch Laser Switch Cog Commander_Cody 348 27-Aug-2005 Script
Tool Box Example COGs Quib Mask 339 14-Jun-2005 Script
Camera Finder Locate an accurate position of the first or third person camera. LKOH_SniperWolf 250 24-Apr-2005 Script
Generic Conveyor Belt Allows for easy simultaneous scrolling of multiple surfaces using a 2D offset LKOH_SniperWolf 409 12-Apr-2005 Script
Tall Standing Light A Light Source LKOH_SniperWolf 253 03-Apr-2005 Model
Wooden Door, Blocked Decorational 3do Xantcha 244 02-Apr-2005 Model
flicker cog Prevent 3do from disappearing. (multiple authors) 393 07-Mar-2005 Script
Extended Touched Message - for Player (ETM-P) Allows a player cog to receive a "touched" message when the player touches a surface, without linking to surfaces. The message includes the index of the (level) surface that was touched. ZeqMacaw 234 13-Nov-2004 Script
Touched Surface Detection System (TSDS) Allows a cog to detect when a thing touches a surface and to retrieve the index of the (level) surface that was touched, without linking to surfaces. ZeqMacaw 248 13-Nov-2004 Script
Menu Mouse Cursor (In-game) Translate player movement into an in-game menu mouse cursor. Hell Raiser 496 01-Nov-2004 Script
Minigun Untextured minigun 3do. a_person 359 19-Oct-2004 Model
Dynamic lighting controller Prevent disappearing dynamic lights. GBK 410 01-Jul-2004 Script
Global Door Cog (GDC) Make creating doors easier. gbk 529 01-Apr-2004 Script
Ranged Vector Thing Creation System (RVTCS) Eliminate things which are further away than a specified distance. gbk 327 01-Jun-2002 Script
Rbots Development Kit Files that go along with Rbots tutorial. Raynar 383 11-Mar-2002 Script
Rotate Thing Rotate a thing continously that players can stand on in MP. DSLS_DeathSythe 309 01-Jan-1990 Script
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