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JKPaint JKPaint is an editor for the image files used by JK and MotS. Craig Urquhart, BoBo_Fett 1429 19-Sep-2003 2D Graphics
JKPlus JKPlus changes Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith textures to 16-bit and blurs them to reduce pixelation. UGG_Boot 987 01-Nov-2003 2D Graphics
Static.jkl Maker Make sections of static.jkl from a file list Hell Raiser 429 16-Mar-2006 Level
MAT16 File Format Photoshop Plugin Open and save MAT files in Photoshop. BoBo_Fett 581 13-Nov-2004 2D Graphics
Parsec 1.7.0 - EXE Update Parsec can recognize and parse the 'goto' keyword. darthslaw, SaberMaster 334 27-Nov-2006 Script
GobExtract Quickly extract gob files from the Windows Explorer context menu Hell Raiser 834 16-Jul-2014 Gob
Force Remap Re-align the textures on an existing model. Geoff Archer 501 21-Mar-2004 Model
KeyEd Resize animations to any nodes, so you can make shorter limbed players have smaller animations. PhantomCoder 484 17-Jan-2005 Model
ConMan 0.91 source Source code to ConMan 0.91. Bender 447 10-Aug-2005 Gob
JED 0.81 source Source code to version 0.81 of JED. Alexei Novikov 391 19-Jul-2005 Level
Parsec Syntax-checks cog files. SaberMaster 686 07-Oct-2002 Script
DirectX interface units for JED To compile JED source Some nice guy 376 09-Aug-2005 Level
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