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3DO Export Script for 3DStudio Max Export 3dsmax E-Poly to 3do. BoBo Fett 598 09-Feb-2005 Model
Adjoin Jiffy Jed plugin: Adjoin two surfaces of different shapes, provided that they have the same number of vertices. UGG_BOOT 274 05-Nov-1998 Level
Awesome Arrays Jed plugin: Copy a set of multiselected sectors, things, and lights using a linear, rectangular, or circular array pattern. UGG_BOOT 243 25-Oct-1998 Level
Beam Me in Jed Jed plugin: Import other Jed levels into current Jed level. UGG_BOOT 259 02-Sep-1998 Level
CAGE Gob Dave Lovejoy (Stealth) 604 07-Jul-2001 Gob
Cleave2VX Jed plugin: Cleave the current surface between two multiselected surfaces. UGG_BOOT 283 05-Dec-1998 Level
COGGIT COG editor tool for writing checksum-passing cogs BAH_Strike 468 25-Dec-2002 Script
CogPad Edit cog files. GBK 700 16-Feb-2003 Script
CogWriter CogWriter is designed to assist in writing COG scripts for JK or MotS. David Lovejoy, Alexei Novikov 456 22-May-1998 Script
ConMan 0.91 source Source code to ConMan 0.91. Bender 473 10-Aug-2005 Gob
Container Manager (ConMan) Browse and modify Jedi Knight GOB files (and other games' container files). Alexei Novikov 614 20-Aug-1998 Gob
Container Manager (ConMan) v0.91z Browse and modify Jedi Knight GOB files. ZeqMacaw, Alexei Novikov 3899 17-Mar-2006 Gob
Copy_SF Jed plugin: Make a copy of the current surface onto each multiselected surface. UGG_BOOT 266 10-Jan-1999 Level
CreateVertex Jed plugin: Create new vertices for building new surfaces. darthslaw 443 07-Dec-2006 Level
DFX Import Jed plugin: Import DFX files into Jed. dr0id 242 14-Jul-1998 Level
DirectX interface units for JED To compile JED source Some nice guy 398 09-Aug-2005 Level
Flagman Jed plugin: Set the surface flags for all surfaces (which have same texture as selected surface) to the same value as the selected surface. Jedi_Anubis 299 07-Aug-1998 Level
FontJedi Create and edit SFT font files UggBoot 322 31-Dec-1999 2D Graphics
Force Remap Re-align the textures on an existing model. Geoff Archer 527 21-Mar-2004 Model
ForceRemap 1.1 source Bug fix and update molotov42 384 29-Apr-2004 Model
Free Sector Jed plugin: Draw your sector in 2d. Then, Jed will pump it up into 3d. dr0id 294 03-Sep-1998 Level
Get Bent Jed plugin: Make perfectly curving pipes. UGG_BOOT 359 12-Jan-1999 Level
Go Rotate Jed plugin: Make perfect domes and circular architecture. UGG_BOOT 366 04-Dec-1998 Level
Goal! Jed plugin: Generate cogs for your level objectives. dr0id 337 17-Jan-1999 Level
GOB Explorer Create GOB files and extract resources from GOB files. Chris Mrazek 758 15-Oct-1997 Gob
GobExtract Quickly extract gob files from the Windows Explorer context menu Hell Raiser 906 16-Jul-2014 Gob
Hotkey Enforcer Jed plugin: Assign your Jed plugin hotkeys with this handy tool. UGG_BOOT 233 07-Feb-1999 Level
JED 0.81 source Source code to version 0.81 of JED. Alexei Novikov 416 19-Jul-2005 Level
JED 0.95 beta Edit JK/MotS levels (and other resources). Alexei Novikov 480 10-Dec-2000 Level
JED 0.951 beta Edit JK/MotS levels (and other resources). Alexei Novikov 1103 29-Oct-2002 Level
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