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 Name   Purpose   Authors   Downloads   Released 
ZED Edit JK and MotS levels and 3dos. ZeqMacaw, Alexei Novikov 3368 10-Jan-2007
CreateVertex Jed plugin: Create new vertices for building new surfaces. darthslaw 444 07-Dec-2006
Static.jkl Maker Make sections of static.jkl from a file list Hell Raiser 458 16-Mar-2006
Lighter 2006-01-13 Jed plugin: Create shadows with this JED plugin. Sige 1122 13-Jan-2006
JED 0.951 source For the good of mankind Alexei Novikov 583 09-Aug-2005
DirectX interface units for JED To compile JED source Some nice guy 398 09-Aug-2005
JED 0.81 source Source code to version 0.81 of JED. Alexei Novikov 416 19-Jul-2005
JkEdit v3.24 full Edit JK and MotS levels. Ole Thomasen 1242 26-Feb-2005
Terraining Create terrain from a square BMP heightmap. Hellcat 540 09-Jan-2004
Vxs Sec Cleave Jed plugin: Cleave a sector or group of multiselected sectors along a plane determined by three mutiselected vertices. André di Geronimo 321 06-Jan-2004
JED 0.951 beta Edit JK/MotS levels (and other resources). Alexei Novikov 1104 29-Oct-2002
JED 0.95 beta Edit JK/MotS levels (and other resources). Alexei Novikov 481 10-Dec-2000
Stair Crazy Jed plugin: Create stairs using selected floor surfaces. UGGBOOT 372 23-Jul-2000
Surface Flagger Jed plugin: Multi-select all surfaces that use the selected MAT. BoBo Fett 341 11-Mar-2000
OnPar - Particle Exporter Jed plugin: Export multi-selected vertices in a single sector as a particle (.par) file. BoBo Fett 313 15-Feb-2000
PathFinder Jed plugin: Create path movements for actors. BigBosskMan 328 07-Nov-1999
Point Extruder Jed plugin: Extrude a surface to a single point. Tom 'Magi' Smallwood 289 17-May-1999
KeyMaster Jed plugin: Make simple key files for animating ships and such. Tom Smallwood 329 11-Feb-1999
Mirror Madness Jed plugin: Mirror a sector or group of sectors about the current surface. UGG_BOOT 298 11-Feb-1999
Hotkey Enforcer Jed plugin: Assign your Jed plugin hotkeys with this handy tool. UGG_BOOT 234 07-Feb-1999
Vertex Assassin Jed plugin: Delete redundant vertices in selected surfaces. UGG_BOOT 264 29-Jan-1999
Goal! Jed plugin: Generate cogs for your level objectives. dr0id 338 17-Jan-1999
Get Bent Jed plugin: Make perfectly curving pipes. UGG_BOOT 360 12-Jan-1999
Copy_SF Jed plugin: Make a copy of the current surface onto each multiselected surface. UGG_BOOT 268 10-Jan-1999
MoveSC2VX Jed plugin: Moves the sector of the first multiselected vertex by the distance between it and the current vertex. UGG_BOOT 249 13-Dec-1998
TransSectoral Jed plugin: Create an external mold of a sector by creating additional sectors at the surfaces. UGG_BOOT 284 08-Dec-1998
Cleave2VX Jed plugin: Cleave the current surface between two multiselected surfaces. UGG_BOOT 285 05-Dec-1998
Go Rotate Jed plugin: Make perfect domes and circular architecture. UGG_BOOT 367 04-Dec-1998
Thing Pack Jed plugins: MOVE2SC, MOVE2SF, and ROTATE2SF. UGG_BOOT 238 30-Nov-1998
Vinkel Jed plugin: Run through all surfaces in the level and if it finds a surface with a slope below a user defined angle it will flag it as 'floor'. dr0id 362 21-Nov-1998
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