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Jk3do v1.13 full Edit JK and MotS models. Ole Thomasen 825 26-Feb-2005
3DO Export Script for 3DStudio Max Export 3dsmax E-Poly to 3do. BoBo Fett 654 09-Feb-2005
KeyEd Resize animations to any nodes, so you can make shorter limbed players have smaller animations. PhantomCoder 574 17-Jan-2005
ForceRemap 1.1 source Bug fix and update molotov42 429 29-Apr-2004
Force Remap Re-align the textures on an existing model. Geoff Archer 596 21-Mar-2004
Puppet Jedi (PJedi) Edit 3DO Keyframes. Craig 708 28-Dec-2000
JOKE Edit all aspects of a JK 3DO: geometry, texturing, attributes, node hierarchy, etc. André 'dr0id' di Geronimo 893 10-Dec-2000
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