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Updated source files, including the Visual Studio "solution" files for both VC6 and VS2005.

This update fixes a bug that prevented building in Visual Studio. The bug: redirection of the "clog" (buffered stderr) was done via copying. The correction: redirect clog by changing the buffer used. 19 KB 2009-04-07 13:53:53

Source code files for a JKL file reader and writer.

NOTE: I am not sure of the status of this, and thus, it might not even build. 2 KB 2008-04-10 07:08:09

Icons ripped from JED. 2008-02-24 32 KB 2008-02-24 13:53:21

ZED Plugin:
Cleave in half all surfaces that have more than 24 vertices.
It handles surfaces with up to 264 vertices.
The "Pare Surfaces" action can be undone via Undo. 499 KB 2008-01-31 15:50:57

Requires this ZED. Then, it is simply a matter of overwriting the zed.exe.

Changes since last update:
- Added a line separator menu item before Exit menu item.
- Revised SetWinPos() so that it uses the same values saved for window and adjusts the window to fit on screen (in case res has changed since last open).
- Changed menu item from "Level header editor" to "Level Header Editor".
- Consistency Checker will issue this error:
"Thing count > World Things Limit (found in Tools - Level Header Editor)"
- Consistency Checker error message changed from:
"Number of things + 200 > World Things Limit"
"Thing count + 200 > World Things Limit (found in Tools - Level Header Editor)"

See the included "ZED Version.txt" file for more changes and details. 494 KB 2007-08-30 16:50:43

Changes since last update:
- World Things limit defaults to 640. Level Header window has input box for setting the limit directly.
- Episode Editor window updated.
- Changed the window title for surface item editor to:
Sector # Surface # (##)
where ## is the surfaceIndex (for level).
- "Episode Editor > File name ..." / Resource Picker for level (episode sequence): Added jkl and resource\video folders.

See the included "ZED Version.txt" file for more changes and details. 0.1.1 36 KB 2007-05-23 05:50:36

*** Requires .NET Framework v2 ***

v0.1.1 of JKWorkshop - this is the very first publicly distributed build.

Currently handles some basic text editing of cogs, with syntax highlighting. There are features missing - for example you can't scroll the editor window across (don't make your code lines too long!) and the window will not automatically follow the cursor. Selection and copy/paste is also not implemented.

There is a level "editor" window as well, but you can't do any editing yet. 106 KB 2006-06-23 17:38:22

Command-line version that can combine up to four 3do files as LODs (geosets) into one 3do file.

Enter "jkw-3do" in a Command Prompt window to see the usage summary.

- Each 3do file can have any number of meshes. Any mesh in the first 3do file not found in the other files will use a dummy empty mesh.
- The mesh names are case-sensitive, so Hair is not the same as HAIR.
- Meshes can be in any order.
- Materials can be listed in any order, and can be different in each of the files. 54 KB 2005-05-26 21:42:58

Zip of source code. 109 KB 2005-05-26 21:40:09

Zip of executable.