Sunday, December 25, 2005

Final Version - 2.9

Fixed most (if not all) bugs; improved gameplay with destroyable/shootable spiderwebs that act as bouncepads (respawning); added total of 16 walkplayers for variety; and a few extra secrets. ;)


" Merry Christmas ! "


Friday, December 23, 2005

Final version (pending)

Official final version of level uploaded for final testing; if you find any serious errors please let me know within next few days so I may correct them.


- JAS_Palidori

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Deathmatch Guns level slugs its way into a JKhub Level Contest.

Burrowing itself just below the ground's surface, a concrete and metal-ladened gunyard is created. One can still glance up to see the sky, if one dares to glance away from his opponent without being riddled with bullets.

Curving hallways, overpasses, catwalks, fast-conveyors, teleports all help to make these shadowy chambers quick to pass through.

If you dart quickly amongst the turns, you'll have ample enough time to pick up a plethora of guns and ammo scattered about.

We're not sure if it was built as a prison or not; but old tripwires still catch some unwary travellers. And they are left...


-Stage 1- Alpha- Map layout 100 %
-Stage 2- Beta - Textured/cogs 90 %

( Thing placement and abundance still being tested )