Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It's done

Go download and play! I hope it'll become part of JKhubs first level pack!


Just some finishing touches and perhaps a last beta and this sucker is ready for release!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

First Trap Complete

It is now possible to temporarily disable most of the floor in the maze resulting in mass mayhem, because beneath is a pit trap.

the mechanism works, I just need to make it so that the floor comes back again after some minutes.

Some new pictures for you

Also available for viewing in the massassi showcase forum:


Saturday, December 17, 2005


I refined the existing cogs. So everything works much more fluently now.

Friday, November 25, 2005

New possible Gameplay element

I just incorporated the following element:

Until now the main aim of the game was to just wonder around aimlessly in order to try and find the enemy and nice powerups.

The possible new element I just implemented - sticking with the random theme - there is a randomly assigned sector that'll teleport the player to the arena above the diamond maze. here the player will have a serious advantage because he/she will be able to overview the entire level and I'll defenitely implement some kind of trap activation or deadly weapons there.

The randomly assigned sector is visible on the overlay map for all the players, so you can actively work your way to that location (and thus the chance of meeting each other is enlarged). Once the teleport has been used once, it'll relocate to a new sector.

Still need to add fancy effects for the teleportation, but the main mechanic works

Monday, November 21, 2005

Phase 2 (or 3, or whatever)

After the first beta runs the following has become clear:

-The game is pretty worthless with less than 3 players. I haven't played it with more than that (If you wish to beta, please contact me on #jkhub, #tacc or via msn/aim (vedderdarth@hotmail.com/vedderdarth)) but I'm guessing the game will play best with 4-6 players.

-Syncing might get problematic with more players due to JK's crappy code.

I've decided to undertake the risky part of adding a second area. There'll be a dome above the maze from which a player can behold the entire maze. Possibly this area will include a trap to unleesh massive mayhem for the people still inside the maze. I already have some innovative ideas.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Project reached beta phase

That went quicker than I had expected. Thanks for the cog help people at #jkhub!
The first basic beta is done. I'll be on the lookout for people who will join a beta test session tomorrow, so if you interested in helping a hand, it might be wise to be in #jkhub tomorrow afternoon and/or evening (GMT+1)

I've played it alone and I think it might have potential, but of course one can hardly judge the gameplay of a MP level when playing alone.

Basically what is done is the layout, main gameplay element and item placement. I'll still have to look into which additional gameplay elements would be feasable. But my main emphasis for this version was to have a playable beta.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

More on the levels gameplay

as could be read here: http://forums.massassi.net/vb3/showthread.php?t=37342

The initial idea is that there are 24 triangular rooms and thus 42 doors. However the 12 doors on the outer edges will be fake (though visually indistiguishable).
The idea is that all the doors are controlled by one cog that randomly selects a fixed amount (how many will be determined after playtesting) of doors each X-seconds (again to be determined after playtesting) and changes their frame (open to close or vise versa). So the player is limited in his choosing his path as to which doors are open at the moment or x seconds later. Each room will contain a goody or a trap of some sort or of course one of your enemies... This is all to be companied with nervous industrial sounds to make it all frantic and exiting.

Something I've been thinking about, but don't know for certain yet whether I will incorporate it is that one of the rooms will have a teleport that'll bring you to an external location (which possibly gives you an overview from above). This could be a duel room, or....

In this external location it might be fun to have a switch that when activated slowly disables the floorparts in the diamond (each room has 13 floor surfaces), with which I mean that the floor is adjoined to a deep pit and the floor flags are slowly set to 0, so that the other players have to be quick about finding the teleport as well. And not dieing in the external dueling room because they'll get spawned back in the diamond. [A bit similar idea to that bunker dm level in hl and hl2]

But all these are still just ideas, and I don't know how well this all is feasable with synchronizing and all that?

Work Started on DM_Diamond

DM_Diamond is my entry for the level contest. It's more of an expiriment than anything really. As of yet I still don't know if the gameplay I have in mind will actually be fun and if it'll be feasable to create considering JK's network code.

I just figured I'd begin making it and see how well it turns out.