Jedi Knight

JKR will inhance the graphical portion of Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2 for all users who have the patch. The patch will pass checksum, allowing for anyone to use the graphical enhancements with a player who is still using the original JK.

JKR is also the official Resource Expansion of the SITH2 engine, and will be available for download to be used with SITH2, taking advantage of its shader support.

Player Models, Internal Weapon Meshes, External Weapon Meshes, bullet sprites, 3do textures and even internal animations are all transformed into a high end graphical experience.

JKR will also effect your SP experience, as enemies and other SP models will suddenly have a visual upgrade.

An expansion for the Jedi Knight Rebirth mod will be available for Sith2 and JK that will replace the multiplayer levels with graphical updates that match the gameplay of original JK DM, but give it a flare and update to suit the new models [and Sith2].

Possibilities for a gameplay and external animation upgrades for both engines are pending, and currently not being worked on. The idea will be considered once the entirety of the mod is completed.

Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2.
The Internet.
Friends to play with.
The ability to see.

Optional Requirements:
A Brain