Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lotsa New Stuff

Yes, lots of new stuff since the last update.

Lots of weapon stuffs... bryar, stormrifle, thermal dets, and bowcaster have been recogified.

Some force power tweaks and stuff... force seeing lets you set the brightness of the level, and other junk... I don't remember what all was in the last release (I'm gonna start bolding the new stuff in the Features.doc to keep track of changes from the last version... speaking of which, see it to find out every last thing I've done and planned up to this point, and what the progress is.

One more major addition is the "Safe Save" feature, which helps you save your game at points where loading will not crash. Basically it scans the level for instances of my static.jkl templates, and when none are present, it will autosave the game -- no more crashing problems! To make long term saves, you will have to quicksave or menu save, or you will lose your progress upon exiting that current game. More details and stuff in Features.doc

Enjoy the update! =)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Still alive, and making progress...

It's been a couple of months since the first upload, school work's been unforgiving, and I haven't been spending full time on ReCog, but I have a download with a few updates. To name a few, lightning looks a lot nicer, destruction persuasion and seeing have been added (and mostly if not all the way complete); the E-11 is more accurate than last time, and now it has a SCOPE FUNCTION! (based on MotS' scope); can cycle and turn off crosshairs, select various waggle styles; dodging (rolling!); and head bobbing. And some other fx bits here and there. Crosshairs and waggle control are only coded for several weapons, currently, but I'll get the rest soon enough.

Hopefully I hit everything. Next update is planned for when I get all force powers updated, and more progress on the weapons, at least.

Documentation of all features and their state of development included in zip.

Comments, questions, and concerns to the project forum. Thanks.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Update (just so you know this isn't dead):
Force Grip in progress
Healing functionally complete.
Persuasion started. Not going as expected. May have to create custom twinkle templates to use (the cog verbs don't control when the twinkles show, just how many.... not quite what I needed)
Lightning now fans out. I feel there is need for improvement here though.
Thermal Dets complete.
Force speed conversion complete.

Once I get back to school I'll have more free time, and this should go a little faster; summer internships can take a lot out of you.

Monday, July 10, 2006

First steps...

Plans are being laid out as you read... and progress is being made.

Bryar can charge up with FIRE2 like JO's (red bolts though, like they should be ;)).
E11 rifle complete, JO style.
Thermal dets complete (beeping, plus warning beep when about to explode).
Repeater -- enhancements and betterments will be made, but as of now it still fires 1 shot in primary mode and 3 in secondary mode.
Sequencers (maybe to be renamed to IM mines) now feature FIRE1=proximity mode, FIRE2=detonate all charges.
Force Jump mostly complete.
Force speed converted as planned.

See the forums for plan discussions :)