JK GUI Alpha
Early shot of my tentative ''JK GUI'' project. 33% larger icons (32x32 instead of 24x24) and circular.
Date added: 2007-Sep-15
JK HUD Final
Those yellow dots indicate that you have a Super Shield. As simple as they look, getting those to work took a LOT of work.
Date added: 2007-Sep-11
Action Shot
A Revamped GUI, new Message Font and a crate in my hand.
Date added: 2007-Feb-10
Zeroes Get Holes
Went in and touched up some of the blobbier elements of this font. Also decreased vertical spacing.
Date added: 2007-Feb-09
Readability Comparison
A good shot to compare the old and new message fonts. The bottom is default JK and the top is what I've been working on.
Date added: 2007-Feb-08
Message Font
Working on a suitable message font revamp.
Date added: 2007-Feb-08
Pipes... I Guess
Tried out a pipe-like border style. It's probably good enough to upload.
Date added: 2007-Feb-07
Gravity Boots!
Just enjoying myself while fiddling with the UI. I thought this was a pretty fun shot.
Date added: 2007-Jan-31
I'm pretty happy with the mana display; it's as ambiguous as ever.
Date added: 2007-Jan-29
I hate Super Shields
I think this layout is finalized. The Super Shield display gave me a lot of trouble.
Date added: 2007-Jan-24