"Gunrunners", just like some of my other mods, started as a simple, small mod, made just for the purpose of testing some JK coding. At first, all that this mod changed were some weapon models, cogs and effects, and none of them were actually made by me, so it was basically a mix of stuff from other mods.

Then it began growing, evolving from just a random mod to something way bigger and more interesting. While making "Gunrunners", I've gotten more and more experienced in JK editing, allowing me to put all my ideas on a mod, thus giving "Gunrunners" a great load of things that were never ever seen before in JK, all made by simple, yet innovative Cogging, giving the player a realistic feel that matches, or even surpasses the later games in the JK series. As the final result, you have a thrilling, fast paced action where only the most skilful will survive, with new weapons, classes, animations and effects, giving you a completely new and exciting JK experience.

"Gunrunners" takes place not on the Star Wars universe, but in the real world, based on a storyline of my own.