I don't know
something something airpods
Date added: 2020-Feb-25
Giving the Jedi class the JkGfxMod treatment
Date added: 2020-Feb-23
Outside newbietown
Showing a tentative quick-use/skill bar displays. Icons might be a little too small for my taste.
Date added: 2020-Feb-19
Date added: 2020-Feb-19
Serene Atmosphere
Sprite-like trees kind of do the trick in creating the appearance of thicker vegetation
Date added: 2020-Feb-06
ZED view
Just for you to get a sense of the sheer scale of this level - each "chunk" covers 40JKU2, and the pink grid has 100JKU2 for scale.
Date added: 2020-Jan-19
Further Progress
Visual pollution is key in making an environment truly feel urban.
Date added: 2020-Jan-18
More Aerial View
Currently covering an area of 240x120 JKU, and that's not even a tenth of the expected final size. Good thing JK can handle immense levels.
Date added: 2020-Jan-17
Chasing Ghosts
Racing against a ghost car
Date added: 2020-Jan-17
More Progress
Date added: 2020-Jan-16