Racing Gold
Finally managed to write a fully functional driver/racer AI. AI cars use the same stats and physics as the player's.
Date added: 2020-May-16
Fog On/Off
If only I could get car reflections too...
Date added: 2020-Apr-30
Rainy Mood
Date added: 2020-Apr-29
More lights
I managed to fix framerates by disabling LOS checking, and now it plays sweetly. The only problem is sometimes you can see the effect through walls, but at least it's there.
Date added: 2020-Apr-28
Yes, it is real
Sadly, it absolutely murders performance to a point where it's completely unplayable. Looks neat though.
Date added: 2020-Apr-28
Is this image real?
Date added: 2020-Apr-28
Traffic jam
AI (?) cars stopping because of actors that won't leave the road.
Date added: 2020-Apr-17
Can you spot the tiny cars?
Date added: 2020-Apr-16
Testing different saber colors. This is much more a JkGfxMod thing than a JkGR thing, but still.
Date added: 2020-Mar-01
I don't know
something something airpods
Date added: 2020-Feb-25