Around the Bend
Looking across The Bend, a new map for levels 60 and above.
Date added: 2019-Feb-02
Armor Trader NPC
Inside Argenia's Equipment Shop
Date added: 2019-Jan-17
Argenia Makeover
Tentative new visual for the Dark Citadel and Palace.
Date added: 2019-Jan-17
Defender / Sentinel
Date added: 2019-Jan-02
Aegenar's Cog placement window
or alternatively, "Why ZED should give you the option to organize Cogs by category"
Date added: 2018-Dec-20
Death Arena test
What this is is basically a massive (10x10) "PvP" combat arena. First team to eliminate all opponents wins, then everyone respawns and after 15 seconds the next round begins.
Date added: 2018-Dec-14
New Skill system in action
This might not look like much, but what it shows is info for every "registered" player/actor's skills. Inside each bracket you have the skill's ID and status (0 for available, 1 for cooldown). Each actor can have up to 48 skills.
Date added: 2018-Dec-13
Tweaked car HUD
Now displaying nitrous and damage levels.
Date added: 2018-Nov-17
This picture serves no purpose other than to illustrate the fact that once again I managed to go from level 1 to 80 without a single crash, in over 4 hours of very stable gameplay. Also it looks nice.
Date added: 2018-Nov-04
Diablo SV Interior
Converted from NFS4. Not sure I like this level of detail, and I have no idea how to make a functional dashboard.
Date added: 2018-Oct-14