Name   Version   Size   Date   Description 1.0 3,829 KB 2016-05-21 23:39:17

This is an experiment on having one weapon fire more than just the standard projectile within one level, and even change between levels in an episode, without it having to be played as a mod.

And yes, do NOT load this as a Mod. Just place it in the Episode folder and enjoy.

force_well.cog - Le Colure smoked on 1 KB 2016-04-11 17:52:11

I was bored, and thought I'd translate the view's XYZ and Orientation into shifting coloures...

Place cog in a cog folder, in a mod folder, and run -path.

JK_156fps.avi Xvid MPEG-4 47,877 KB 2015-07-27 20:38:28

Ok, so it is MotS. Miniscule detail... Point is, this is a video showing a cutscene that has been recorded at a higher frame-rate, giving me 4-6 extra frames to apply motion blur/temporal smoother to. But when compiled to 30fps, that effect is barely visible unless you know what to look for. More noticeable with quick movements.

If you've got problems playing this Xvid MPEG-4 + MPEG Layer 3, try for VLC. It usually plays anything. 1.oops 286 KB 2014-08-14 09:51:30

When playing level 16 of Jedi Knight, ever had the funny thought of what if the ship was rolling around its axis? Ever wondered why it wasn't done? Now I know why...

If you should fall out of the archi and not be able to land on anything else, press Secondary Fire to teleport back to your spawn point. Old drive digging 1,631 KB 2013-11-08 15:06:14

Just for you, Gibba.... Just. For. You. XD V3..? 443 KB 2013-03-13 15:55:56

A Maze Maker for JK based on an old GFA project I did once apon a time.

Now with enemies! JRE 6 12 KB 2012-04-24 05:37:56

This is a small little Java program that will read death messages from the Jedi Console Logs and generate a Score Tally html file.

force_well.cog - 3D 1 1 KB 2010-09-27 18:07:16

Jedi Knight: Now with 30% more 3D! 8D

This is just a quick little cog that shifts the view every other frame as well as blinking Red/Blue. This here works with 3D glasses, but if you find the blinking a strain, you can edit a little number called RB_factor in the file.

How to use? Make a folder, then make a cog folder in that, then place this cog in there, then point JK to the parent of the cog folder. DONE!

This works both in JK and MotS, but differently. In JK, if you are not looking through the eyes of the player the effect is ruined. In MotS, works anywhere, but not as much as JK. Maybe it is just my eyes.

Warning! Can induce siezures! 2010.08.17 1,336 KB 2010-08-17 10:19:44

An experiment room that will be growing when I get the chance.

16-bit display may be required, as is the No-Limits patch.

Changes: Added some dog-fighting experiments, RotVel experiments, a warzone level to test transport tracks, and a pile of garbage to test ParseArg and Foot Step sounds. Summit point summit. 113 KB 2009-07-21 14:58:42

This is a minigun cog with a test room to make sure that Gnarl sets it up properly in his project(s). DivX 6.8 3,225 KB 2009-01-10 11:59:37

When putting together an animation, and you listen to some music, what does one and one equal? 10! :D

JKThenAndNow.wmv WMV8 43,152 KB 2008-10-17 09:51:00

Encoded at 2Mbps on 640x480.
Needing just a little help in perfecting the showcase. Go to forums for info. Sort of continuing.. 1,210 KB 2008-02-15 13:50:07

Don't ask me about the name. Just some random things that popped into my head. This is a MODification btw.
Ok, so as time goes by I kinda got new ideas and sort of fixed and continued a few things. But there are still things that don't work properly.
One being the chase cam that is totally immobile underwater, the other is the bowcaster. Wanting the bolts to be linked together by a beam and drag themselves together if they go too far away (Scorpion Vehicle UT2K4).

DragonIntro.AVI preview 11,006 KB 2007-08-26 02:03:19

This is something I made for Goit's level Magrucko Daines, and the Crypt of Crola. I was thinking he might like this new approche.

ExperimentGoneWrong1.avi 10,523 KB 2007-08-18 20:54:37

Was trying some physics stuff, and things began to happen.
DivX 6.6.1 or higher required. Abandoned part 691 KB 2007-08-17 23:14:44

Don't ask me about the name. Just some random things that popped into my head. This is a MODification btw.
This version I have abandoned. There is a problem with a template called spidermine. When it tries to be created it crashes the game. Anyways, I give it out to anyone that would like a spidermine 3DO, and would like to use this concept. But do give credit me if you use it!
The spidermine weapon is 7, fire2.