Nuf sed...
Date added: 2015-Apr-02
Though, how much is actually a joke...?
Date added: 2015-Apr-01
Date added: 2014-Aug-14
Atari C-LAB Falcon MK II
Looks alot better in Maya.
Date added: 2011-Sep-18
Atari C-LAB Falcon MK II
Still over 700 meshes.
Date added: 2011-Sep-18
Over 700 meshes of DFLT! Can anyone guess what it may be?
Date added: 2011-Sep-17
Silly AI Party at Carbo Freezr
Never before have so many sucked at MotS. XP
Date added: 2010-Sep-27
Silly AI Party at Deicide
Betchya Pux never thought to see so many players in his level. ;)
Date added: 2009-Sep-23
Total Conversion from an old GFA Basic project. Special thanks to Zeq for helping me with some maths problems.
Date added: 2008-Nov-13
Demo.ZIP: Flying Sofa
Yeah, have no other name for it. Based off of a Rainbow ride at Liseberg. It works with the pannel, but not everything works. It rotates, but not sure if it's MP friendly, plus the movement and sound won't pitch the way I like it (faster on down, slower o
Date added: 2008-Apr-29