Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I left out the new block animations in the last release >.<

The orange lightsaber doesn't seem to be included, resulting in an odd white short lightsaber.

Don't worry, new release should be fairly soon.

Beta 6

Bug fixes.

Lightsabers now cause bubbles under water in every level.

No more underwater tint flickering when in first person with the lightsaber selected.

Other tweaks.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Beta 5 Released

Get it in the downloads section.


GlowSaberX, Beta 5, May 12 2009.


Place the GSX.gob file in your mods folder, ALONG with JKE.

Place the JK.DLL and JK.EXE files in your JK directory. - you may rename it to avoid overwriting your current JK.exe (SithLord's exe contains features unavailable in the GSX exe.)


Glowing lightsabers with motion trails.

New lightsaber sounds and special effects (saber clashes)

Fixed BGJ's river in multiplayer.

Toggle saber by selecting the saber a second time (push 10 to turn off, 10 to turn back on, etc.)

New JK Unofficial Patch (unsupported by ZeqMacaw)


Lightsaber wall marks have been removed due to bugs.

Underwater bubbles do not appear, but sounds still play.

Lightsabers still clip through transparent surfaces, as the fix is level-based, and not mod-based.

Other bugs may be present.


Thursday, May 07, 2009

Working Menu Selection!

Thanks to Zeq, and his magic with the JK.exe, I have here an unofficial, unofficial patch, that has an included GetSaberSideMat cog verb, to accurately detect the players lightsaber color.

This allows for the regular JK system for color selection, so I can free up bins for modders. :D

Sunday, May 03, 2009


By alternating each portion of my little + figure saber blades, I've managed to remove all flickering.

Yes. That's right.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

A few tweaks...

Okay, so there is ONE gameplay element that has changed from the original JK.

That is, saber toggle.

Select your saber as usual, it ignites, same old same old. Select it again, and it deactivates.

It's pretty much like Jedi Outcast.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Dark Jedi?

Yes. I've just completed the dark jedi sabers. Each of them has their very own GSX glowing saber :)

Also to note, is that Kyle appropriately picks up a yellow saber when fighting Sariss.

Check 'em out in the screenshots.

Back at it again.

That's right!

GSX is in the making once again. However, there have been some heavy changes.

First off: no more new moves.

I want the gameplay to be 100% accurate to the original JK, crappy saber moves and extended blade damage and all.

This has already been worked in.

Second: I re-darkened the saber blades to match the movies more. By movies, I mean the ones with better saber effects, a.k.a Prequels. :P

Third: Thanks to LibSa Norec (and of course, "The Force Within" mod), I now have working saber scorch marks.

This took quite a bit of work. I had to make sure that, when the player is not attacking, the saber did make wall marks and seemed like it made damage, but not do any damage at all. Otherwise it would be rather easy to kill an opponent by merely positioning the saber into their body.

But, after all the hard work, I finally have it working. Saber does the exact same damage as it did before, with the exact same damage lengths (secondary fire's damage still hits beyond the saber blade).

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New PC

I got a new PC for christmas. I'm working on getting all of my files to my new PC, however, it's not a priority at this point.

I haven't been working on the mod too much, to say the least. But, I do have some of the hilts done, and more on the way eventually.

Anyway, stay tunned here for more info once I get the files up.

(P.S: I have another level on the way.)

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Bug fixes


Here's a list of the bugs I've finished so far.

- Saber On/Off switch works again
- Block motion trails work properly for the spin attack.
- Rear stab now has trails and makes sound.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Checksum.. SOLVED!

I fixed the checksum errors. Finally :D

Now onto more important things, like fixing the saber trail glitches and such.

I'll be uploading a beta as soon as I finish the basics of the saber. After that, it's on to new moves and such.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

New Moves

I've managed to get the cog to work with new attack animations. I haven't animated all of them yet, so you pretty much just do the same moves as primary fire.

I have pretty much the same system for primary fire as in SBX. I've completely tweaked the secondary fire to behave exactly like the first, at the exception of more complex attacks (that I can hopefully animate...)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Features In Progress

That's right. I've got a few more features in works.

First, saber trails are completed. All I have to do is apply them to the rest of the hilts. The hilts may take a while, so I'm not going to wait until I'm done to release this mod.

The key new feature is a working saber on/off button. I've animated a few new saber moves and I'm still working on getting them into the game.

Also, I've rearranged the force powers ;)
I really hated the light/dark duality, and my idea was to swap some powers.

Here's the new list:


Throw (Throw is pretty much picking up stuff and throwing it, which Yoda technically does.)
Grip (Luke uses grip in ep6)
Heal (Obvious...)
Absorb (Yoda uses absorb lots)

Protection (Obvious too)

Light side info:

The reason for this new arrangement of force powers is to use grip in a more defensive way. For example, you could grip someone, and while they're busy being choked, you can quickly use heal, instead of blasting them with Destruction.


Blind (Yun uses blind, as well as pic.)
Persuasion (Pic and Yun use this too.)
Lightning (Way too obvious. Emperor, Dooku, etc.)
Destruction (Jerec uses it. It obviously has a dark nature.)

Deadly Sight (Might change the force power effect)

Dark side info:

The reason for this new arrangement of force powers is to use blind and persuasion in a more offensive way. Instead of using blind to quickly evade, or using persuade to evade, you can use them to sneak up on your opponent and destroy them with destruction or lightning.

I've done a few force power tweaks, most are pretty common. Ex: Toggle powers, more lightning in Force Lightning, etc.

More to come. Suggestions are welcome in the forum.

PS: This mod is evolving past GlowSabers. I will be releasing GlowSaberX as it's regular saber mod, only updating the saber trails. This mod will be continued under a new name (this project will remain GlowSaberX); Star Wars: Legends of the Force.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A few new ideas.

Since passing checksum is nearly impossible with this mod, I've got a few idea's I'd like to share ;)

I've been tweaking the saber glow to make it look more like the cutscenes. However, I think I'll make a few options.

I'm thinking:

1. You can change the thickness of your lightsaber depending on which Color Pack you download. Each color pack comes with the original JK colors (Blue, Green, Red, Dark Red, Yellow, Orange and Purple) in their corresponding size.

2. When switching thickness, you gain more power out of your lightsaber, but slow down your movements. Some people don't mind sacrificing speed for mass power, a good placed hit can do good damage.

3. I might attempt motion trails.

4. I *may* add some new moves and tweak the battle system, who knows..

Of course, changing thickness might make your saber look a little odd, so I'll be tweaking the sabers myself to make sure they all look proper. The smallest saber blade will look like JK sabers (the cutscenes). Or at least.. that's what I'm going for.

(I might not do any of these ideas, they're just speculations, and I'm just throwing them out in the open.)

Saturday, September 01, 2007


I'm working on this slowly but surely, whenever I find the time and motivation to do so.

I've noticed there are many things that need to be tweaked but I'll get there eventually.

There are still some glitches within the mod, such as:

- The lightsaber always has a core stuck to it (I know how to fix it, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.)

- Some levels don't seem to load the lightsaber glow properly, and I have no idea why (The only level up to date that's done this is Caeser's Palace.)

- Restarting a level after dying in Single player resets the lightsaber, so it doesn't glow. (I'll be fixing this very soon.)

Possible future features are more combat moves, quicker fight movements, perhaps a lightstaff, a lightsaber on/off switch and possibly a retexture of the lightsaber blades (I find them to look a little odd right now.)