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VaderSaber.rar 1.0 125 KB 2009-10-05 13:08:44

For FastGamerr(Nikumubeki)'s fantastic mod, TODOA!

GSX_Basic.rar 1.1 833 KB 2009-10-05 12:40:23

Basic version of GSX. No lightsaber trails, no underwater bubbles, etc. It simply includes the lightsaber glows for players and dark jedi.

JKE is still required.

To install:

Place JK.exe and JK.dll in your JK directory (it's safe to replace your current exe as it's newer than the current public JKUP, but you can rename it to something else just in-case). Place GSX_Basic.gob in your mod folder or whatever you use for mods, and play. :)

Note the exe provided is not supported by ZeqMacaw, therefor all questions pertaining to it must be directed to me.

(V1.1 includes lightsaber hilts for Dark Jedi, excluding Boc, Pic and Gorc))

GSX-JK.rar Beta 7 1,624 KB 2009-05-17 05:58:40

- Added lightsaber block animations.

- Changed lightsaber cores. Dark Red saber is much more distinctive now with a yellowish core, as it used to. (Might do it for purple if it looks right).

Not much else, but I thought it'd be a nice update.

GSX-Beta7-MotS.rar Beta 7 1,033 KB 2009-05-14 17:24:00

MotS version of GSX.


- Glowing Lightsabers

- Underwater lightsaber bubbles and sounds

- Lightsaber motion trails

- New lightsaber block animations

Unlike the JK version, this mod does not come with a new exe as MotS already supports the features that the new exe provided.


- Characters have no hands while holding a saber. At least for now anyway.

- This version is technically NEWER than the JK version, as it includes the new lightsaber block animations, which were omitted from the JK Beta 6 (forgot to add 'em).

GSX-Beta6-JK.rar Beta 6 1,598 KB 2009-05-13 09:06:54

Bug fixes.

Lightsabers now cause bubbles under water in every level.

No more underwater tint flickering when in first person with the lightsaber selected.

Other tweaks.

Notes: New block animations have been omitted due to my crappy memory. Wait until the next release for them.

GSX.rar Beta 5 1,633 KB 2009-05-12 18:24:20

GlowSaberX, Beta 5, May 12 2009.


Place the GSX.gob file in your mods folder, ALONG with JKE.

Place the JK.DLL and JK.EXE files in your JK directory. - you may rename it to avoid overwriting your current JK.exe (SithLord's exe contains features unavailable in the GSX exe.)


Glowing lightsabers with motion trails.

New lightsaber sounds and special effects (saber clashes)

Fixed BGJ's river in multiplayer.

Toggle saber by selecting the saber a second time (push 10 to turn off, 10 to turn back on, etc.)

New JK Unofficial Patch (unsupported by ZeqMacaw)


Lightsaber wall marks have been removed due to bugs.

Underwater bubbles do not appear, but sounds still play.

Lightsabers still clip through transparent surfaces, as the fix is level-based, and not mod-based.

Other bugs may be present. 1.00 95 KB 2007-09-03 20:16:21

Anakin lightsaber replacement. You MUST have JKE for this to work.

- Unrelated to GlowSaberX -

- For Hell_Raiser -