Don't know if you would've noticed if I'd said anything, but Sariss, as well as her saber, are rendered perfectly fine behind mine :O Why? She entered my sector. Bwah
Date added: 2009-Oct-07
First Person
First person saber. Don't you just love how the normally "black" areas aren't there? :D
Date added: 2009-Oct-05
Just a screenshot showing off the sabers better. I chose purple 'cause I like it.
Date added: 2009-Oct-05
Yellow saber. Proper Core. You get the idea. :P
Date added: 2009-May-17
Runnin' Round SBX
Dark Red Saber. Proper Core. You get the idea ;)
Date added: 2009-May-17
Who's a god?
I'm a god.
Date added: 2009-May-11
Saber Bubbles
Neat, huh? Just trying to get them to be like that around the saber at all times...
Date added: 2009-May-06
Starting to look kinda Episode 3-like, no?
Date added: 2009-May-04
Careful! She'll cut ya!
Date added: 2009-May-04
Date added: 2009-May-04