Saturday, February 17, 2018

JK: DroidWorks

I don't know if anyone has ever heard of it, but there's a 1998 game released by LucasArts called Star Wars: DroidWorks, which uses the Sith Engine (and in fact, shares some resources, including models and textures with JK).

What's interesting is that this game, unlike JK and MotS, it's not a FPS but a puzzle/learning game which involves the player solving various puzzles of all kinds, most of which have never really been attempted in JK.

With the help of ZED, DroidWorks levels can actually be loaded into JK, and with some extra Cog work, they can be made fully playable (or at least finishable). I'm trying to make it so all levels can be played from start to finish, although I'm pretty sure it can't be released or shared for obvious legal reasons.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Ledge Grabbing

I just uploaded a level Cog that allows ledge hanging. You can select up to 10 wall surfaces to make them "grabable". You just need to touch one of these walls and the player will grab it's upper edge. There is also a timer for how long the player will keep hanging before letting go; default is 5 seconds and setting it to 0 will disable it. You can use W/Jump to climb and S/Crouch to let go of the wall/ledge, as well as A/D to move left/right.

The selected surface should be a wall, not a floor! For bests results, the selected surface should be about 0.1 JKUs high.

This doesn't use ghosts and pulses but Touched messages from the selected surfaces instead, so it works pretty much flawlessly, regardless of Mods (except for Hell Raiser's Ledge Hang, certainly).

Keyframes are included.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Negative Accident

After some testing on my newly discovered color effects, it seems that using any value below -0.1 would turn your screen into negative, where -1 would be the perfect negative form. Values between -0.006 and -0.09 would highly saturate colors, where in values near -0.09, colors will also be turning into negative, but not as clear as when the value is set to -1.

> Edit: This effect only works without 3d Acceleration - otherwise, you get a pitch black image. <

Friday, July 30, 2010

Negative Accident

Don't know if anyone has ever seen something like this in JK before, but it's surely the first time I've seen this.
Accidentaly, I've twisted JK's colormap, making it look like a negative image, just using a simple Cog verb: newColorEffect
Apparently, you can mess with this by changing the last parameter to a negative value.
I can't run JK with 3d Accel, so I can't tell if this works on 16bit.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


I just uploaded the second version of my "Gunrunners" mod, a simple real-life-style guns mod that I've been working on.

Saturday, June 05, 2010


Got JK back. I'm still without TFW, but no worries, I'm sure I'll find it.
My video card isn't working anymore, so I can only play JK without 3D acceleration. I'll keep modding a smaller project of mine, JK Gunrunners, until I get TFW again.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dark Jedi CMPs

Same as the Mod "Dark Jedi in SP" by The Vertigo, avaible at I only made some little changes so the CMPs aren't all screwy.


Project #400!