Nobody asked for this, but I did it anyway, in full low-poly beautiness.
Date added: 2019-Feb-27
Jurassic Knight
Lots of texture work to do but yeah, that's a big chicken.
Date added: 2018-Aug-24
A Race Track
Again, something that was missing in the JK repertoire. It's pretty simple, but nice to drive around in.
Date added: 2018-Jul-13
A wrong Byte...
...and all lights are black. There's something oddly pleasing about this but I can't quite put my finger on it.
Date added: 2018-May-01
Level 1 but with a weird CMP
In software (8bit) mode. Notice how some pixels that would normally appear as fully bright (the building lights in the center and right images) are dark.
Date added: 2018-Apr-18
ARGB4444 Mats
How JK sees them / How they really look like
Date added: 2018-Mar-19
There's quite a bunch of them zombies.
Date added: 2018-Mar-13
Zombies can be dismembered if damage dealt is high enough. This includes all limbs and the head.
Date added: 2018-Mar-13
Zombie Hordes
I've decided to put together a little zombie-themed survival level, seeing how I couldn't find any made for JK.
Date added: 2018-Mar-13
JK: DroidWorks
Date added: 2018-Feb-17