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MERC Oasis 2 map with a few twists.

- PermaConc: Spawn with conc rifle mounted and with unlimited ammo.
- Unused bactas carried by a player are left in backpack.
- Kill announcements, including ones for headshot kills.
- Two taunt hotkeys (force jump and force throw) for playing one of 20 different sound clips. Quickly tap the hotkey multiple times to get to each taunt (i.e. single-click, double-click, triple-click, etc.). For example, a single-click of the force jump hotkey will have Kyle say, "Whoa!", and double-clicking it will have Kyle say, "Hmm".
* Force Jump hotkey: 10 different taunts from: JK's Kyle, Army of Darkness' Ash, and Bill Nye the Science Guy's voice effects guy.
* Force Throw hotkey: 10 different taunts from Duke Nukem.