Sunday, October 18, 2015

Bad JK Versions...?

One Thousand And One Tests Later...

I've moved all the cogs with the essential surfaces to the end of the Placed Cogs list, and almost everything works again. Except for 4 grates. All others work fine, and they are placed BEFORE these stubborn surfaces. All other (essential) surfaces work around them.

But I noticed one other thing... At the end I had a point where the sky is scrolling using SlideHorizonSky(10,0); What T-800 showed me, that sky Wasn't scrolling. Now I'm starting to think there is a version issue.

I noticed several other things not quite working, but one got around that either with cheats or reloading, but some of it was kind of expected (which I'll list in the readme).

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Too many surfaces?

Ok. So we've got 25531 surfaces and 2540 sectors. We've got 23 breaking glass cogs on surfaces ranging from 2497 to 4702. Then we've got just as many light switches and locked door surfaces.

Then a set of many other things, not all checking for surface events, and when not needed the surfaces do have a nolink connected with them. In total there are 297 cogs, and 337 linked surfaces.

For me and Trank, all surfaces react to the events. For T-800 and Darth Stewie the glass won't break. Anyone know why this is? Should the critical surface cogs be at the end or something?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A beta?

Can you believe it? I released a beta! Something that hasn't been done before. And in this beta you can only get so far. Why? Because no one wants to help me. :(
But anyways, enjoy! :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Empire's REVANGE NE/SE/ME/etc.

From one of my old crappy stories comes a remake for this crappy old story. Yes, same crappy story, but alot more spiffier.
Also, and excuse to try out MotS editing and see how much different it really is.
However, I've come across a little snag and I ask for help from any good 3D Maze Makers to elaborate a maze of mine. I started somewhere but ran out of inspiration real quickly.

Please help?