Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kill hundreds of AI on your favorite levels

XFW is a action-packed AI killing experience. Host a MP game on any
supported level, and let the killing commence! Hundreds of AI will
have invaded the level, and it is up to YOU to kill every last one
of them! It is suggested that you use WAR 1.0 when playing, but do
what the f' you want. BE EXTREME!!!

Gameplay Summary:
- Survive, each death is -1 point
- Keep all RC5 remote control protocol droids alive
- Locate all "data cubes" in the level and "interface" with them
- Try to beat your best score

RC5 Controls:
ACTIVATE - toggle holo-projection menu
STRAFE LEFT/RIGHT - cycle through menu
PRIMARY FIRE - menu selection/assign function to PRIMARY fire
SECONDARY FIRE - menu selection/assign function to SECONDARY fire
HOLD DUCK - interface with nearby things
NEXT/PREV WEAPON - exit remote control

Supported levels (beta 0.5):
Sith Mercenary Headquarters (fully supported)
Jedi's High School (fully supported)
Battleground Jedi (partially supported)
Dralloc Arena (partially supported)

XFW features custom enemies and power-ups! So keep your eyes out for things trying to kill you that you've never seen before!