Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Feel the Power

Well it's been a while folks.
After reworking most of my ideas and sketching out some designs, PotF is back on track.
Once again, I've changed the first location to the lava world of Shola.
I release my planet names sound funny but if your familiar with SW:EAW (Empire at War) you'll recognise the names.
Its a good idea because it give us some previously unexplored areas.

Heres a complete list of updates.

75% Architexture
10% 3DO Placement
10-20% COG placement
15% voice acting.

And yes i said voice acting. I'll need some people eventually to handle miscellanious voices, such as computers and other random things.
I personally will be handeling the voicing for Zero Raven, sorry.

Well thanks for the support.
May the Force be with you.

~Zero Raven

Friday, June 19, 2009

Power of the Force

Well another update. Its been nearly a week since I've been in OBX NC, and with all this free time, I've nothing better to do then rehash my project.
With the Shola idea out of commision temporarily, i have switched the first level to the temperate world of Atzerri.
2 new SC's are up showcasing the first two complete area's on Atzerri.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Power of the Force

Its been awhile since I last posted. My Gundam project is put on hold till I can get the files of my ex's computer.

For now, i present the Power of the Force level pack.

Beginning on the planet Shola follow the story of Zero Raven, apprentice to Zero Tarentae of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Work on part 1 of the Shola mission is commencing. Once i get ready to release, I'll be looking for testors, specially since I can't find disk 1.