Sunday, January 03, 2010

New JKVersions Tool

Added better error reporting and fixed a crash bug on fast systems.

[Edit: It works correctly with a Limited User account on XP, but apparently not with Vista. You may need to run as administrator by right clicking the program.]

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Nothing New

Sorry to disappoint, nothing new to see here, just added some historical downloads of Knight's predecessors.

I am thinking of adding Jedi Knight/Mysteries of the Sith level management to Knight, though, so you can enable/disable episodes to get around the 64-episode limit in both games. So that's news I guess.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Minor Update

A bug fix update.

Adds additional information to crash dialogs, so if you get one, send it to me! Also fixes the possibility of the main window opening off-screen, and a minor bug where if you had Dark Forces mods with long file names (which don't exist, AFAIK) they wouldn't work.

I rewrote some bits of the update threading and "working" dialog theading stuff to use BackgroundWorkers instead of just a Thread. Cleaner that way.

Oh, and now the update check won't fire when you're actually using Knight, and when it does fire it will disable the window so it lowers the chance of something messing up when the updater closes Knight to update, since you can't go around activating/deactivating mods while it's updating.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

JKVersions Tool

I made a little tool the other day that Emon suggested, or rather he came up with the basic idea and I took it a bit further.

Basically, LucasArts' hosts the JK 1.01 patch on their server right? OK so when you download it and take it apart, it seems they actually have the full jk.exe in there (it's not really a "patch" technically, depending on how you define patch).

So my tool downloads that file so that you can use it, for example to replace your Steam encrypted jk.exe.

But I go a bit further and automate the most useful application of this for you.

First I download a couple of Zeq's patches for JK, the 1.01 -> 1.00 patch and the 1.00 -> Unofficial patch. Then my tool applies both of these, ending up with three exes for you: 1.01, 1.00, and JKUP.

So if you wanted any of those but didn't have the original non-Steam JK (or if you can't/don't want to figure out how to use Zeq's patching) my tool will do it all just by being run.

Sunday, October 04, 2009


1.0 Beta has been released.

[Edit: Release 2 has been released to correct a crash bug on startup reported by a few people.]

[Edit: Release 3 has been released to correct a few more bugs and add support for loading patches from GamePath\patches instead of GamePath.]

[Edit: Release 4 squishes a bug XZero reported. Thanks XZero!]

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Introducing Knight!

Meet Knight. He's good at managing your mods. Or he will be. It's still in the idea phase.

I really need to remake UJMM. The code is a mess from a long time ago, waaaay back when I first wrote it as an MDI app which was going to have a bunch of different Jedi Knight tools in it. Then it went through a bunch of revisions and language changes but never managed to get completely rewritten.

Until now!

See Specs page for some of my notes on what I plan to do.