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JKVersions.exe 2.0.1 239 KB 2020-03-20 17:34:12

Uses the official LucasArts Star Wars: Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight 1.0.1 patch to generate three different versions of the main JK.EXE binary suitable for using mods (or bypassing Steam DRM).

This program does the following:

- Downloads the JK 1.0.1 patch (from
- Extracts 7za.exe (and license) from itself.
- Extracts the full JK.EXE included in the path.
- Downloads two patches from to patch the file to 1.0 and a different patch which applies a community-made changes to the game.
- Applies the patches using the tool included in the patch downloads.
- Verifies resources were patched correctly using SHA1 hashes.
- Backs up your original Steam executable (if you have the Steam version of Jedi Knight).
- Installs the files into your Jedi Knight directory (into patches, which is where my other Jedi Knight tool Knight can find them to use them).

This project is a Visual Studio 2017 project. It may work with earlier versions but you may have to recreate the project files.

New for version 2.0.1:

- Fixed JK-Extensions.dll for the Unofficial Patch not getting dropped in the game folder.

Knight_1.0_Beta.exe 1.0 Beta R6 278 KB 2016-01-21 21:49:14

Fixed a bug that kept settings from being saved, and a few other ones along with it. Only took me 7 years!

Also switched to .NET 4 since that's what all the cool kids are using.

Also remembered to include attribution for libraries I used this time. Oops.

JKVersions.exe 4 247 KB 2015-01-31 11:01:01

Recompile with .NET 4, for systems without .NET 2.

JKVersions.exe 4 247 KB 2014-02-22 13:29:38

- Fixed elevation requirement (Windows thinks any legacy program with "patch" in the name needs elevation).
- Fixed paths to downloaded files.

JKVersions.exe 3 239 KB 2012-04-01 14:06:14

- Fixed download URLs.
- Requires elevation on Vista/7/8.
- Fixed "Jedi Khight"

JKVersions.exe 2 235 KB 2010-01-03 10:45:07

Even if you have the Steam JK or don't have JK at all this tool will legally download the JK 1.01 binary from LucasArts' FTP and then use patches here on JKHub to patch it to JK 1.00 and JKUP.

Dark Frontend.7z.exe 3.1 final 353 KB 2009-11-07 21:16:19

Here for legacy purposes. Knight supports it, and it runs real nice in DOSBox.

Dark Frontend Source.7z.exe 3.1 final 177 KB 2009-11-07 21:16:19

Feel free to take a look or use it yourself. Licensed under the "Do whatever you want to it or with it" license. I would ask for credit if you use it, but I would advice you NOT to use it. It's really old and not a good example of my work.

Written in Euphoria for DOS -

Probably won't work on Euphoria for Windows, use the DOS one. I believe I compiled it by using a Euphoria-to-C converter and compiler provided by the creators of Euphoria.

Knight_1.0_Beta.exe 1.0 Beta R5 329 KB 2009-10-21 21:10:26

1.0 Beta release 5 - 10/21/09
- Added additional debug information to crash dialogs.
+ Rewrote updater to be separate from the program for easier portability.
+ Main program is now disabled while updater is running.
+ Updater will now no longer automatically fire when you are actively using Knight.
- Fixed bug where a mod's long file name would get passed to Dark Forces.
- Main window can no longer open off-screen. If invalid values are saved to options or
you change your screen resolution or monitor setup so that Knight's saved position is
no longer valid, the window position will reset.
- Reworked the "Working" dialog backend.

1.0 Beta release 4 - 10/06/09
- Possibly fixed a race condition bug where hashes were being computed incorrectly,
causing known patches to show up as "Unknown Patch" and occasionally unnecessary
backup copies made.
- Fixed bug where unknown patch hashes were not being saved. This could have resulted
in unneccessary backup copies being made every rescan.

1.0 Beta release 3 - 10/05/09
+ Added more detailed crash dialog to help resolve crashes.
- Fixed crash when mod or active mod paths changed to defaults.
- Fixed crash when scanning for patches and the current jk/jkm.exe is not a recognised
- Fixed typo in MotS "Select Mods Folder" dialog.
- Reworded DirectPlay dialog to make it clearer.
- Added keyboard shortcuts to two MotS options that were missing them.
+ Added ability to specify custom paths for patches. By default patches will be scanned
in Jedi Knight\patches and Mysteries of the Sith\patches
+ New "Unknown Patch"es will now show the filename of the patch for easier

1.0 Beta release 2 - 10/04/09
- Fixed a bug where Knight would crash on startup if it couldn't detect all

1.0 Beta release 1 - 10/04/09
+ Initial Release