Friday, June 25, 2010

Model Progress

3 News posting in 2 days, not shabby.
This one is to announce the progress on the Tank models.
Presently I have the Lightning and Vanguard Tank models done, V1 anyway, may end up revising later on.
The Lightning is .13JKU tall and the Vanguard is about .16JKU tall.
This makes them slightly smaller then the standard walkplayer Model, however scales it a little more accuratly to Tanarus, where 1 cube (.1JKU) was too small and 2 cubes (.2JKU) was above normal clearance.
If scale holds consistent the Devestator model being the largest, should be just under .2JKU, probably .175 - .19 JKU.

Downloads Available

Since there has been interest already in the Tanarus Project, I have released 2 downloads already.
First download is the City Set Texture Pack. It is the original collection of BMP files used with the Tanarus Map Editor for making Tanarus Maps. Since it is now public property I posted it here for all to see.
Secondly is the Tanarus Tanks Rendered in 3D. This includes all the Original Tanarus tanks from the Chameleon to the Vanguard.
Please enjoy the two new downloads while I work on the Ingame Tanks.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


In the late 1990's an online game brought armored combat to advanced 3D worlds. This Game was TANARUS.
Having a run of atleast 10 years it was the most popular game on the Sony Station website until such games as everquest and Star Wars Galaxies were introduced. Even still it survived as was very popular with its fans.
In May of 2010 TANARUS shut down it servers for good.

It is my intention to bring the game of TANARUS back to life in JK. All the tank combat included.