"Moon Games is a "Speeder" (hovercraft) or ball race game on various tracks, labyrinths, and planets. Sensations and realism have been duplicated with the utmost attention to detail."
However, I haven't. :p

This Mod is based on an Atari Falcon game called Moon Speeder/Moon Game where you are one of eight speeders racing on different planets. You can read up on it here:
Moonspeeder at Atari Mania
Moongames at Atari Mania
Another page on Moonspeeder
This Mod will try and mimic the conditions of the original speeder(s), however for the most part it is alot more challanging to control.

How it plays:
Use look (usually mouse) to steer
Use crouch as gas
Use back (down arrow) to break
More details on the forum.