Name   Version   Size   Date   Description Near final? 28,018 KB 2012-02-08 09:54:33

I've done some more tinkering and I think this is as good as it gets. Me hopes. Test Track 17,249 KB 2012-01-29 17:54:11

This here is a test track I did to try and get the Moon Speeder feel back. Not especially successful (for one, moonspeeder tracks are flat).

This update contains borders, and stray cars get constant damage (according to speed so it is like scraping the car against rough terrain). 1 16,663 KB 2011-09-05 18:44:32

Here is a packet of looping songs for the mod. Just create a sound folder in the same folder as the Mod GOB file and dump these musicloops in there. Now just press 8 a few times to check them out. See forum for details on other music.