Thursday, June 05, 2014

An Update

I uploaded an updated version of CTF-NSLT with one minor bug fix. The gold & red player counters in the start sector weren't stitched correctly. I couldn't find anyone to play the game with me over Hamachi when I was in the mood for editing, so I came up with an alternative that was quick & easy. I merely created a sector above the start sector, dragged in a ghost & its associated walkplayer from each team, took turns joining each team, & killed myself via the command console until I spawned back into said sector. I'm too lazy to verify that it's functional beyond 9 players because it's unlikely that there will ever be 18 people playing this map at once. I still have a few ideas left for this map, but it's fully functional, if there are still any players left out there.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Beta Version Released

I've released a new version of CTF-NSLT, so if you downloaded the previous version, please grab the new one. I fixed a few issues that were bothering me, thanks to Edward & Purity (see the readme for details), & I'm looking forward to getting feedback from the community before I release the final version (it'll mostly be aesthetic improvements, such as 16-bit textures, lighting, etc.), but I'm certainly open to gameplay suggestions. I'm hoping to complete this project soon & to move on to converting the rest of LEC's DM levels to CTF.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Alpha Version Released

I have decided to release an alpha version of CTF-NSLT (Nar Shaddaa Loading Terminal converted to Capture the Flag) for the community to toy with. However, my reasons aren't entirely selfless--I'm hoping that you folks can verify that my team counter board is functioning correctly (one, that it functions, & two, that the surface doesn't need to be flipped &/or rotated). Also, the map is functional (minus the bugs noted in the readme), though a bit ugly (lighting not done, 8-bit textures, etc.), so it would be great if some of you would be kind enough to get together for a game or two, & tell me what you think. I will consider any ideas or suggestions that I think are suitable. Once it's complete, I'll be moving on to converting the rest of LEC's DM levels to CTF.