TODOA TC is a new release celebrating the 2nd anniversary of TODOA as well as the upcoming 15th anniversary of JK. It is divided into SP and MP releases.

Download links:

* New version of the Jedi Knight Unofficial Patch
* New lightsabers (GlowSaberX) courtesy of Xzero
* Widescreen view
* New savepoint system for single player
* New Death Star-themed duel level for multiplayer
* Assorted bug fixes
* New SP content (level architecture, easter eggs)
* Gameplay mechanics from the SP release adapted for multiplayer

The RARs include the necessary files to patch the original, unpatched, non-Steam JK.EXE into the latest unofficially patched version of Jedi Knight. If you have the Steam version of the game, you can use the JKVersions tool as available from to retrieve the original JK.EXE.

As far as Jedi Knight's age and activeness are concerned, TODOA's release was a success. It reached 1,000 downloads (the ModDB and Massassi Temple downloads added together) by March 2011 and also gained plenty of positive attention outside Massassi and JKHub as well, and even warranted a German Let's Play ( ) on YouTube! I'm most grateful for everyone who took the time to play the mod, especially since the original release contained its fair share of bugs. I've attempted to fix many of those from this release and while I've managed to remove plenty of the earlier bugs, new bugs have managed to appear! Regardless of this, I think TODOA is much more enjoyable to play (and look at, thanks to the new lightsabers!) than even before.

The main feature of this release is of course the new unofficial patch for the main game itself, enabling the new lightsabers, widescreen mode and some slight graphical advancements. The multiplayer release includes 4 DM levels designed for 12 players: the City of Apocalopolis (i.e. 2009 TODOA DM), Duel in Apocalopolis (i.e. 2010 TODOA DUel), Anodean Spaceport (content from 2009 adapted for DM) and a new short Death Star-based duel level celebrating this release (Battleground Death Star).

And yet, it still needs to be emphasized that TODOA TC Singleplayer is best played in one sitting and the new savepoint system has been designed for that purpose. However, you're still able to enable normal savegames if you wish. I briefly tested saving the game in level 3 and reloading it afterwards and it seemed to work, but I still advise against using savegames with this mod. Really sorry about that!

Why the release now? As you know, TODOA was my 'swan song' project for JK and many of the annoying bugs did keep on bothering me afterwards.. as well as the wrench puzzle >_> In any case, only in Dec 2010 I started to consider a new revised edition of TODOA after Xzero posted his latest screenshots of GSX featuring the best looking JK sabers ever. Then Xzero got busy with this job and I finally struck gold with editing DXN so that (and other real life things, actually) kept me busy for most of 2011... during my Christmas vacation, after betatesting RoX MP with Grismath, I got the wild idea for a quick celebratory release.

And what a coincidence that JK's 15th birthday was also coming up! I even got as far as making some new cutscenes and recruiting the ol' gang for voice acting but then I realized my vacation's about to end soon and the next time I'd have time for any kind of JK editing would be in January 2013 following DXN's release. On that note, the new cutscenes aren't enabled by default but they can be... discovered.

In any case, I very very highly recommend you to read the documentation first!