Commando vs. Commando
*Spoiler - I won. New Imperial commando model for kicks. :) I figured out how to fully convert model to work in Jedi Knight.
Date added: 2014-Dec-24
Fighting security turrets.
Battling our way through Imperial forces while beautiful lights glow.
Date added: 2014-Dec-24
Fully enhanced scout model
I know ya'll want it bad.
Date added: 2014-Dec-24
New E11 & fully functional HUD
New E-11 model from Dark Forces JA mod w/ Sev's arm. HUD shows ammo on the right, battery percentage on the left with recharging shields and health on the bottom.
Date added: 2014-Dec-24
Big Kashyyyk Map
Don't worry, it's bigger than you think. :)
Date added: 2014-Jan-03
Republic Commando HUD
Fixed it... Thanks LibSa. Now I just need to touch it up and make it function properly.
Date added: 2014-Jan-03
Messed Up HUD
Yellow doesn't suit...
Date added: 2014-Jan-03
Yummy Reflection 2.0
Found a dead commando, so sad.....
Date added: 2013-Feb-05
Welcome to Kashyyyk
Here's Delta-07(Sev). This is just a small part of the outdoorzie portion of the level.
Date added: 2013-Feb-03
Female Imperial Officer
I didn't want it to be all guys in this game. And I imagine the Imperial Remnant wasn't sexist. :)
Date added: 2013-Jan-31