Rebel Soldier, Take 3
Randomly got in the mood to make it again. Does this look better fastgamerr?
Date added: 2016-Oct-07
1st LOD has 1024x1024 tex. That didn't make the framerate too happy, so I made the rest of the LODs have 256x256 w/ mipmaps. This helps framerate quite a bit. Calm down this isn't what it's gonna look like, colors just show the different mipmaps.
Date added: 2016-Sep-24
Thar We Go
All the weapons for Mysteries of the Sith are finally enhanced! I know I've usually been going for authenticity, but the new trigger doesn't really resemble the original. I just kinda went with whatever while designing it.
Date added: 2016-Sep-19
Sequencer Left Hand
The little trigger clicker for manual mode.
Date added: 2016-Sep-19
Ok, this was the easiest job.
Enhanced Flash Bomb.... everything. This looks kinda familiar.
Date added: 2016-Sep-18
Seeker Gun Internal
External, Pick Up and Power Up models ready as well. Easiest job so far......
Date added: 2016-Sep-18
Carbon Gun External Model
Naturally the same model will be used for the pickup item.
Date added: 2016-Sep-18
Blastech POV
External is ready too.
Date added: 2016-Sep-17
Carbon Gun in the dark
The green lights glow. I thought it was a nice touch.
Date added: 2016-Sep-17
Carbon Gun Internal Model
What do ya think?
Date added: 2016-Sep-17