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cog.rar 1.0 18 KB 2010-11-24 22:18:14

People playing without vsync probably know about the annoyingly fast waggling.

This should help. Either use this, or turn Vsync on. :P

Just place the cog folder in your "Jedi Knight/Resource/" folder.

Note: This shouldn't cause checksum.

Cogged.rar Beta 0.7 67 KB 2009-05-10 04:23:18

A simple cog editing program to support JKUP verbs. May not be quite as good as the other cog editing programs here on the hub, but it'll do.

The verbs are found under the Cog menu. A full list of cog verbs is available (currently ending at the Surface verbs, I believe.) Simply click them to add them to the text. :)

Adding Statements and Symbols is not yet finished, and is not available in this release.

Requires the latest .NET (Currently 3.5 I think).

Note: This program accesses an online DataMaster for the various "Notes".

Current bugs: When opening files, only displays "All Files".

Notes window doesn't stay with the main window, so leaving it may require you to alt-tab to get it back.

Pressing the X in the right corner does not prompt a save on changed files.

bryarpistol.ZIP Beta 5.1 101 KB 2006-01-19 14:07:07

Beta of my bryar pistol with temporary textures applied.

(Includes the jkr_seifer.gob files. They can be found at

bryv.3DO 1.1 140 KB 2006-01-07 11:50:48

Untextured Bryar Pistol. (Last download was the wrong one.)