More proper cores
Dark red saber can have it's proper "yellowish" core outline. :)
Date added: 2010-Dec-22
Awesome core
Finally no more 3D blades, now we can have proper cores. :D
Date added: 2010-Dec-22
Blue Saber
Looks pretty cool. :)
Date added: 2010-Dec-22
More Additive Blending
Works great for muzzle flashes :D
Date added: 2010-Dec-22
100% JK Sabers
Standard JK sabers using true alpha blending (color channels used as alpha). No texture stretching here, 256x256 textures.
Date added: 2010-Dec-20
Additive Lightsaber
My new patch gives the lightsaber it's proper blending (as close as we'll get, anyway). The lightsaber looks far better, like it's actually glowing.
Date added: 2010-Dec-18
Normal Lightsaber
The saber as it appears in normal JK. It obviously doesn't look right, like a dark "glow", which is obviously impossible.
Date added: 2010-Dec-18
Can you spot it?
Just a little bit of testing. :D
Date added: 2010-Dec-17
GSX with JK-style sabers!
As some may have seen on the JKUP page, I managed to patch JK to get translucent sabers (with a lot of Zeq's help :D) and now we've got super-slick JK style sabers. No more + sabers and their annoying clipping! :D Just need to tweak the tip ordering. :B
Date added: 2010-Dec-16
AI Motion Trails?
Just testing. Pretty easy really, it's done with stock JK code. Just check for JKFlags 0x2 in a pulse (Saber is allowed to collide) and set the weapon mesh to a trail model if it is. Just mod the keyframes to tweak where you want trails. :D
Date added: 2010-Dec-16