Saturday, January 17, 2015

Start Thinking with Portals

So to the knowledge of only a few here at the hub, I am leaving in a few weeks to serve a mission for my church for two years. I will be releasing various things that I won't ever finish, even after I get back. I hope to finish certain things like FOOTE however after I do get back. There will be a bit more to come over the next couple of weeks.

Anyways, this is a mod I threw together but never finished after I beat Valve's Portal 2 game. This mod basically changes the bryar pistol into a portal gun, but also includes other cool features. This mod can only be run with a custom level I included and does not work with original LEC levels. I provided all the necessary information for creating addon levels for this mod. Find it in downloads and make sure to read the file description and included readme for all the necessary information for usage. I would love to see this worked on and expanded when I get back. Do as you please with it and enjoy.