Tuesday, April 25, 2017

1.03b is ready

I've replayed MotS single player with 3 main builds:
- a "Darkside" one with Lightning, Deadly Sight, Grip, Absorb
- a "Lightside" one with Saber Throw, Heal, Protection, Absorb
- a mixed with Push, Heal, Destruction, Absorb

I had lots of fun and I feel happy about the effects of this mod.

I did end up tweaking things a little more, though. Version 1.03b is the result. I think this is the final version, at least for a while.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

All righty.

The Mysteries of the Sith version of my Single Player Rebalance is ready.

Based on my mod for Jedi Knight: DFII, this also modifies MotS spells (and a few enemies).

Chain Lightning chains through enemies the way they should, Push is stronger and has an AoE effect, and thrown lightsabers reliably return to your hand.

And you can choke Vornskrs to death. But then again, Kyle can do that to you too...

The download is an external link, because I can't seem to upload more than 1 MB at a time to jkhub. Strange; lots of Projects seem to have larger files.

A large chunk of the size comes from the changes to vornkr and the lightsaber-using statues. I tried to use static.jkl for this to save space, but that didn't work for some reason, so I included actually edited mission 13 and 14 jkl files. Feel free to message me if you know how to make it work right with static.jkl.