Dart Flower
Probably the closest I'll get to gardening this year.
Date added: 2019-Mar-21
Upgraded DL-44
Been playing around with Blender's texture and rendering system lately and making some pretty cool stuff. Thought my blastech model could use the upgrade.
Date added: 2019-Feb-25
Not that important I guess....
....But I think it looks pretty awesome. ;)
Date added: 2019-Feb-18
MOSTE: Feminist Edition
As in all the rebel soldiers are replaced with a female version, but all the dead soldier models are male. ;) Haha, just a little goofy thing I did for fun. I've been making more progress on this mod recently. I thought I'd share this hilarious moment.
Date added: 2019-Jan-20
New Authentic IR Goggles
Date added: 2018-Aug-11
Lifter Droid
Date added: 2018-Jul-30
Before & After
A much needed update to Mr. BugEyes here. I'm glad to see my texturing has improved over the past couple years.
Date added: 2018-Jun-11
"Man, my aim still sucks!!!"
Eweb cannon and ammo packs.
Date added: 2018-Jun-08
Skyhopper Model
All textured.....
Date added: 2018-May-06
Normal looking character menu
So, turns out the game loads mats in the character menu from mod/3do/mat folder as priority, but in-game, mats from mod/mat folder are applied. So, 8bit mats can be applied to menu models for no more wack colors while 16bit/HQ mats are retained in game.
Date added: 2018-May-06