shadows update dec18
special thanks to SomaZ for directly assisting with the depth cubemapping, as well as providing other valuable feedback.
Date added: 2018-Dec-08
gfx update
nearly done with the performance debacle that bumpmaps have inflicted; after Fusion generated normalmaps for every stock texture, 20fps on an excellent pc was no good.. transforming the engine over to VBOs for all jkl/3do rendering (including some speci
Date added: 2018-Nov-26
playing with some color correction and rendering to floatingpoint color buffers (HDR)
Date added: 2018-Nov-21
Date added: 2018-Nov-17
kyle's comin
still havent solved cubic depth maps yet, but i reoriented the shadow source to hint at what point light shadows will truly be like
Date added: 2018-Nov-15
shadows update
still some work to do but in a great place
Date added: 2018-Nov-14
shadow sneak peek
this is only a preliminary test of the "shadow" framework. the last week been spent on allowing the world rendering to be recursive. next is cubemap for the (per light) shadow depth buffer to enable point light based shadows. then we can finesse some smo
Date added: 2018-Nov-14
comparison 2
Date added: 2018-Nov-10
saber trails version 0.1
Date added: 2018-Nov-10
renderer modes
good overview of all the graphical enhancements
Date added: 2018-Nov-10