moar indy5
Date added: 2019-Feb-12
moar indy4
Date added: 2019-Feb-02
Date added: 2019-Jan-28
Date added: 2019-Jan-26
extracted from CND file. pixeldata formats: 565RGB, 5551RGBA, 4444RGBA
Date added: 2019-Jan-25
xmas splash screen
seasons greetings yall :D
Date added: 2018-Dec-23
operation: destroy popups is underway
Date added: 2018-Dec-20
.3ds import
ned can import Autodesk 3DS files directly and automatically convert textures into .mat files. import model hierarchy and keyframes coming next
Date added: 2018-Dec-18
shadows update dec18
special thanks to SomaZ for directly assisting with the depth cubemapping, as well as providing other valuable feedback.
Date added: 2018-Dec-08
gfx update
nearly done with the performance debacle that bumpmaps have inflicted; after Fusion generated normalmaps for every stock texture, 20fps on an excellent pc was no good.. transforming the engine over to VBOs for all jkl/3do rendering (including some speci
Date added: 2018-Nov-26